Important Documents

Press Release (Nov 27 2012): Kwantlen Pro-Life Student Group Denied Right to Exist on their University Campus

Correspondence between Protectores Vitae and KSA

Letter from legal representation to the KSA (Nov 23 2012)

KSA Policies:

4.1 Abortion and a Woman’s Right to Choose Policy

KSA Clubs Package (Original Club Procedures included, starting on page 6)

KSA Meetings:

October 26th Meeting, including:

-Agenda for October 26 on page 1

-Minutes of October 19 on pages 8 – 11

-Amendments to Procedures III – Campus Groups on pages 14-18

November 9th Meeting, including:

-Agenda for November 9 on page 1

-Minutes of October 26 on pages 3-10